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Documentation Required to Register a Boat Read the regulations concerning boat registration and what documentation is required to prove ownership. Any boat powered by a gasoline, diesel or electric motor. FishBoatPA Mobile App-Google. A title needs to be purchased only once. For more information, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation directly. Yes. Vessel transferred by an executor, administrator or trustee under a will or trust agreement. Fees cover a 2-year period, which expires March 31 of the 2nd year. Parents & Educators Messenger Service Inc. makes it simple to buy or sell a boat in PA. It is legal to operate a boat registered in another state on Pennsylvania waters. Powered by an inboard motor, including personal watercraft, 1997 model year or newer. Once the PA boat registration form is completed, mail the application and supporting documents along with a check or money order for your fee payment made out to the Fish and Boat Commission. A transfer fee is required to transfer a valid registration plate out of the name of the deceased owner. If you have a question about how to register and title your boat, this is the place to look. For any registration and/or title application, all parties must complete and sign Documented vessels are large pleasure boats, such as yachts. They will contact the last registered owner by mail. You must give the DMV your out-of-state title at the time of registration. Boat Registration & Titling FAQ's The state of primary use is the state where a boat is on the water more than it is on the water of any other state. If you have purchased a boat from Rhode Island, the seller's signature on the Rhode Island title must be notarized. The titled owner must sign the back of the title and have it notarized. In most cases, new boat owners will want a Temporary Registration so they can use their boats while registration documents are processed. What if I never received my boat registration and decals? It has CF Numbers from the State of Utah on it but I can tell at one point, at least in the 80's, it was a CA boat. 866-262-8734 Fax: 717-705-7931 online listing, or call toll-free: Indicate any duplicates you need and return the form with the applicable fee. Boat titling assures the buyer of a boat that the seller has clear ownership of a boat offered for sale. Unpowered boats are boats without motors such as certain kayaks, canoes, rowboats, sailboats, rafts or inflatable boats. Boats such as sailboats that use gasoline, diesel or electric motors for auxiliary power. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. The term does not include: Go to our Friend got a boat from his neighbors uncles cousins nephew type of deal. (ii) A boat that has been materially altered by the removal, addition or substitution of essential parts derived from various other makes and models and that the Commission determines cannot be readily identified as a boat of a generally recognized make or model. Boat dealers and other purchasers are more certain that someone offering a boat for sale has the legal right to do so. form PFBC-732 for a duplicate registration card and/or decals and form Pennsylvania boat registration summary is a free resource designed to inform the boating public about registration requirements, recording methods, and title search guidelines for the State of Pennsylvania. forms are also available online or you can view Title & Register Your Boat in PA. To title and/or register your vessel with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, you'll need to submit: A completed Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Boat Title (Form REV-336). It has CF Numbers from the State of Utah on it but I can tell at one point, at least in the 80's, it was a CA boat. Currently titled in another state when Pennsylvania becomes the state of primary uses. In most cases, new boat owners will want a Temporary Registration so they can use their boats while registration documents are processed. • No statutes or acts will be found at this website. Is my out-of-state registration valid in Pennsylvania? Buying or selling a boat. If there are PA registration numbers on the boat, contact fish & boat. Limited Registration -- This registration is for ATVs used exclusively on the property of the owner. Allegheny County residents are subject to 1 percent local sales tax, and Philadelphia residents are subject to 2 percent local sales tax. Most boat registration/titling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, Application for PA Boat Registration/Title (REV-336), from many state park offices (Dept. Some lenders won’t finance a boat without a title, so securing a loan to purchase a boat may be easier if the boat is titled. Registration is not a secure ownership document. For example, according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, any vessel with a motor must be registered as well as “non-motorized boats used on waters governed by the PA Fish and Boat Commission, PA State Parks waters, PA State Forests, or if required by property owner.” A detailed description on how the vehicle was assembled. If the boat owner doesn't receive this form or the registration has been expired for several years, then please type or clearly prInt all InformatIon. Both registrations and titles are issued by the PA Fish & Boat Commission. Water and Ice Safety A friend has a small Jon boat that she said I could have, but she does not have any paperwork on the boat. A boat title is a legal document proving ownership; a registration does not prove ownership. All boats built for sale since 1972 have a Hull Identification Number (HIN) assigned by the manufacturer. Bend (do not fold) the 1"x 1" decal in the middle. The owner is responsible for purchasing and displaying the registration number. OBTAINING A DUPLICATE TITLE: Top. The new owner must complete, sign and submit form REV-336 with the applicable fee.. Pennsylvania State Sales Tax: Sales tax is six percent (6%), a local sales tax applies to boats and related accessories purchased by residents of Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties. Boat Registration Agents  If your boat is registered, complete Sections A, B, C and D.  The fee for a title is $15.00. Angler & Boater Magazine If no title was ever issued, you can choose not to title or request that one be issued Seller, please bring the title and registration (if the boat was registered before titles were issued, please bring a registration card) and a valid Pennsylvania Drivers License or PA identification card form REV-336. You may be able to apply for a title yourself, or you may have to do as I ended up doing this spring and having to have the seller go back and file a "lost title" claim to get a new title.  If your boat isNOT registered, you must complete formREV-336. Boat registrations are renewed on a 2-year cycle and expire on March 31 of the 2nd year. This form and other registration and titling forms are available at many marine dealers, county treasurer offices and Commission regional offices. A bill of sale, signed by the last registered owner selling the boat, may be substituted for the seller’s signature on form REV-336. Use (Boat Launch) Permit from the Fish & Boat Commission, or a Launch or Mooring Permit from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of State Parks. Credit may be given for tax paid in another state. You must report the following changes within 15 days to the Licensing and Registration Section using 15. Boating Basics Registration and titles are required for all boats with a motor in Pennsylvania. A registration card is issued and must be carried on the boat as proof of registration. Note: If the boat does not have a title, the new owner must apply for one. Transferring ownership of a titled boat is just like transferring a car title. form PFBC-732 for a duplicate registration card and/or decals. The most important part of the sale is to document the transaction accurately by including dates, costs, descriptions, signatures, etc. Regardless of whether you need a bill of sale, fill in the transfer section on the back of the boat title … A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form MV-1), available from your local PennDOT office. Surfboards and other similar nonpowered contrivances used primarily as swimming aids. DO NOT SEND CASH. Once processed the Commission will send a registration and/or title, along with validation decals. Commission region office locations. The following boats are required to register but are exempt from registration fees: Yes. The Outdoor Shop (choose Products, then Boat Permits). FishBoatPA Mobile App-Apple Boat is a 1980 14' fiberglass. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Fuel usage reports from registered boat owners allow the Commission to recover a portion of the taxes paid when the fuel was purchased. It's been sitting in someones backyard for the last few years and needs a lot of work which is why it was given away. Form REV-336 must be completed and signed by all parties. Please enable scripts and reload this page. c. Applicable sales tax, if required. Any boat purchased, transferred or sold, must be titled if the boat is: Once a boat is titled, it must remain titled by all future owners. Vessel transferred between husband and wife: Exemption is not permitted unless transferor holds a Pennsylvania vessel registration or Pennsylvania vessel title. Out-of-state boaters with a boat validly registered in their home state are granted reciprocal privileges to boat in Pennsylvania for up to 60 days. Registered boat owners should try to be as accurate as possible when providing this information. Titling is also a deterrent to boat theft. Any boat can be voluntarily titled. What you should know about state boat registration and titling. New Pennsylvania residents have 20 days to register their vehicles with the DMV after moving to the state. Title for a vessel: Without a lien: $60. The validation decal must be displayed within 6 inches of the number (before or following) on the same level. Additional Information Boats and vessels registered in California are included in property taxes by the county tax collector, depending on where the boat/vessel is stored or moored. Renew Your NJ Boat Registration . 4. VEHICLE OWNERS. Requirements for boat registration and titles vary by state. Option B -- Renew online with a credit card. The fees associated with titling and registering your boat with the NC WRC depend on the length of your boat and are as follows: Vessels measuring less than 14 feet (except for personal watercraft): Initial registration for: 1 year without a title: $35. Visit the Commission's secure e-commerce site, -- Titles are not renewed, a title only needs to be purchased once. Use It's been sitting in someones backyard for the last few years and needs a lot of work which is why it was given away. Charter Boats / Fishing Guides The 1st step is to complete an Application for PA Boat Registration/Title (REV-336). Are there any other requirements or laws I should know about? The application form becomes the temporary registration. How many boats does the commission register? For instance some states may allow unpowered boats on state parks and other state-owned facilities to boat without a registration. 5. The Pennsylvania boat registration instructions including providing some of the following documents: Completed Form REV 336, Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Boat Title; Previous owner’s registration card There is no fee and the registration does not expire. Section B Owner Information/ Name(s) of person(s) or company name applying for reg What if I lose my boat decals, registration card or title? a. The Commission provides a report that shows the Be separated by a dash or space equal to the width of any letter or number except "I" or "1. Unpowered boats used at Commission lakes or access areas, PA state parks or PA state forests must be: Video - How To Obtain PFBC Unpowered Launch Permits, Help-line: 866-262-8734​Boat Registration Sales ReportLaunch Permits Sales Reports, PA Boating Handbook Customers may contact PFBC prior to construction for additional details. Launch Permit Agents He can respond with what was the last status of the boat, or if no response within X amount of time, they will allow you to register it in your name. Once processed the Commission will send a registration and/or title, along with validation decals. Boat, Snowmobile and ATV Registration. 1. What is a Hull Identification Number (HIN)? boat registration agents can issue a temporary registration. To request a duplicate registration card or replacement standard issue registration plate because yours has been lost, stolen or defaced, you will need to complete Form MV-44 (PDF). b. Unpowered boats are not required to be registered – unless used at a Fish & Boat Commission access area or lake, or at Pennsylvania state parks and state forests; or required by the owner. New Pennsylvania residents have 20 days to register their vehicles with the DMV after moving to the state. Duplicate: Boat registration: $5. Vessel title: $60. ", Bend the 3"x 3" decals along the center score. ​Transfer of Registration Fee - same owner with a current registration buys a new boat. The Commission will send a renewal card to the registered owner of the boat before expiration. Be painted or permanently attached to each side of the boat's forward half. If you own your vehicle and the lien on it has been satisfied and you need to request a duplicate title, you will need to complete form MV-38O.Please mail the completed form to PennDOT at the address listed on the form along with a check or money order for $50.00 made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Anyone have any knowledge on the process of registering a boat without a title in PA? A warranty gives the buyer protection so that if a claim should arise that existed before the sale, the seller will be liable for it, not the buyer. A duplicate registration card is $3; a duplicate title is $5. Registration/Titling page to find out how to register or title a boat. PennDOT does not register boats, snowmobiles or ATVs. We offer two ways to complete renewals: Complete the renewal card and return with payment. P.O. Once there, you must complete an If the boat is homemade or built before 1972, the Commission will assign a HIN to the boat. motorboat, sailboat, jet ski, pontoon, canoe, kayak etc.) Motorboats owned by public service organizations approved by the Commission and used exclusively for training, education, water safety and other public service functions. Keystone State. form REV-336 to transfer ownership of the boat. Please visit our New Residents page where you can learn more about transferring/applying for a Pennsylvania vehicle registration. To find out if your boat needs to be registered or titled visit our boat registration/titling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, this page also lists fees based on the type and size of the boat (question 5), plus much more information. Please enable scripts and reload this page. What is the difference between a registration and title? “Boat” or “vessel” means every description of watercraft (i.e. Indicate the estimated gallons of gasoline used from the previous boating season. and 20 min at dmv and out i walked with the new Registration. 5642 (October 3, 2020). Then, complete a bill of sale if this is required by your state. Form PFBC-730A is the automatic renewal application mailed each December. Pennsylvania is blessed with an abundance of lakes and ponds, many of which are located within state parks and forests, that provide numerous opportunities for recreational boaters with non-powered boats and motorboats. There is no charge for replacement decals. How do I display the registration number? Duplicate registration cards, decals and titles can be obtained only from the Commission Licensing and Registration Section. 2 Boat operators must take a boat education course Keystone State. Registrations expire March 31 of the second year. Government that Works. A $2 fee is assessed for each boat renewal done at Report Boat Fuel Use The HIN is located on the outside of the transom (rear) on the starboard (right) side above the waterline. If you are unable to find your boat registration and titling question answered anywhere on this site, please email [email protected] or call 866-721-6911 during normal business hours. of Conservation & Natural Resources), display an official and valid Commission use permit, or. Appropriate fees, in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, should be included with the MV-44 (PDF). Boat - the Commission defines a boat as: Every description of watercraft constructed or sold for the primary purpose of being used as a means of transportation on the water.
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