Behan also had an interest in Josephine Sarah Henrietta died on March 6, 1877 at age seven of scarlatina. [98][119], Ruben F. Coleman also said afterward that he thought Tom was armed, though he later equivocated on this point. [65] Due to public and legislative unhappiness with Behan's performance, he was last on the Democratic Party's list of nominees for sheriff, an unusual result for a seated sheriff. He's there to live a decent life. Corral, Behan testified at length against the Earps. On September 10, 1881, Tombstone City Marshal Virgil Earp attempted to arrest McMaster, who resisted. This is also corroborated by the 1910 Census for Tucson, Arizona, where he was enumerated in the 2nd Ward of Tucson, Pima County, Territory of Arizona; Pima County Enumeration District No. Once Behan said that he'd disarmed the Cowboys, Virgil moved Doc's cane to his right hand and shifted the pistol in his waistband from the right side to his left. Lucas of the Cochise County Probate Court, who corroborated Addie Bourland's testimony. He served as a deputy sheriff under Cochise County Sheriff Behan during the 1880s at the time of the Gunfight at the O.K. (Behan had been a founding member of the "Anti Chinese League" in Tombstone). However, on June 6, 1881, Sippy asked for a two-week leave of absence. [22], Virgil Earp had served for three years during the Civil War and had also been involved in a police shooting in Prescott, Arizona Territory. Buy Sheriff John Behan C1883 Nsheriff John Behan Of Tombstone Arizona And His Constituents Wood Engraving 1883 Poster Print by (18 x 24) online at low price in India on [82]:174, A few moments later, Tom McLaury was carried from the corner of Fremont and Third into the Harwood house on that corner, where he died without speaking. [8] Both McLaurys were buried in the same grave, and Billy Clanton was buried nearby. [130], John Gilchriese became friends with John Flood, who had been Wyatt Earp's secretary, confidante, and best friend for many years. Wyatt replied, "Johnny, if you're not careful, you'll see me once too often."[60][64]. I’ve never been a big fan of John Harris Behan, mainly because of his role in the Cochise County War, but he was an interesting character. [2] The book was the basis for the 1946 film My Darling Clementine, directed by John Ford,[2] and the 1957 film Gunfight at the O.K. Virgil Earp went to the Occidental Saloon across the street. "[127] Grilled by the prosecution, he corroborated virtually all of the defense's testimony. They arrived from Antelope Springs, 13 miles (21 km) east of Tombstone, where they had been rounding up stock and had breakfasted with Ike and Tom the day before. Sheriff Behan, portrayed in the film by Jon Tenney, was a corrupt lawman in real life who used the outlaw Cowboys to strong-arm the citizens of Tombstone in the 1880s. With them came churches and ministers. The following is a profile of Sheriff John H. Behan and a summary of events in and around Tombstone, Arizona in the late 1870's and early 1880's. [112] Sheriff Behan testified that he had heard Morgan Earp yell "I got him" after Frank was shot. Verified Purchase. Wyatt testified that he had arrested Tom earlier that day when he found him carrying a weapon earlier in violation of a city ordinance. A great memorable quote from the Tombstone movie on - Wyatt Earp: Sheriff Behan, have you met Doc Holliday? The suspects in both incidents furnished alibis supplied by other Cowboys and were not indicted. Hit the Road, Jack! When Behan avoided setting a wedding date, she was ready to end the relationship, but Behan persuaded her to stay. [123] The Earps' attorney Thomas Fitch was an experienced trial lawyer[47] and had earned a reputation as the "silver-tongued orator of the Pacific. [61], Frank Stilwell had just arrived in Bisbee with his livery stable partner, Pete Spence, when the two were arrested by Deputy U.S. County Sheriff John Behan and Milt Joyce saw an opportunity and exploited the situation. Whereas many have long held that Sheriff Behan was simply a bumbling or ineffectual lawman with sympathies toward the "Cowboys" (i.e., the outlaws). This indicated to the judge that Billy could not have been holding his coat's lapels open, his arms raised, as the Cowboys testified. Behan later became superintendent of the Yuma Territorial Prison. Defense accounts contradicted the testimony of Behan, Claiborne and Allen, who all said that a man had fired a nickel-plated pistol first. [41] James Johnson later testified for Bud Paul in the election hearing and said that the ballots had been left in the care of Democrat Phin Clanton. The badge was nearly worn by Wyatt Earp, who Behan had promised to appoint as his deputy, but Behan later reneged on the deal. The masked bandits robbed all of the passengers of their valuables since the stage was not carrying a strongbox. [108] Like Ike, Billy Claiborne was unarmed. Marshal for eastern Pima County, with his offices in Tombstone, only days before his arrival. He was pursued by county sheriff Johnny Behan, who had received a warrant from Tucson for Wyatt's killing of Frank Stilwell. Earp testified that he told Ike he had not told Holliday anything. [7] On September 15, The Epitaph noted his arrival with his eight-year-old son Albert in Tombstone. [8] Virgil later said that McLaury had asked him if he had posted the handbills. He was appointed Deputy U.S. At the Grand Hotel where Behan bartended, Josie cared for Albert when his father was away. [8]:4, Virgil initially avoided a confrontation with the newly arrived Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton, who had not yet deposited their weapons at a hotel or stable as the law required. With Hugh O'Brian, Douglas Fowley, Morgan Woodward, Lash La Rue. The wound was about four inches (10 cm) across. [31] It established Wyatt Earp's role as a fearless lawman in the American Old West and the legend of the "Gunfight at the O.K. In the movie we saw Tombstone’s Marshal, Fred White, get killed by “Curly Bill” Brocius. [13] If, as was customary, Frank carried only five rounds, then he had fired only three shots.[61]. [19][32] The train trip was not interrupted by Indians. He said he broke his promise to appoint Earp because of an incident shortly before his appointment. [55] The horses spooked and Paul wasn't able to bring the stage under control for almost one mile (1.6 km), leaving the robbers with nothing. [56] But the coroner had already testified that Tom McLaury was killed by a shotgun blast. [82]:154 Virgil and Wyatt were now firing. But 19-year-old Sadie Mansfield, whose occupation was given as "Courtesan",[23] the same person that his former wife Victoria had named in their divorce five years earlier, was also living in Tip Top. [1] Behan was embarrassed by the public breakup. "[13], Among the lawmen involved in the O.K. In the November 2, 1880 election for Pima County sheriff, Democrat Shibell ran against Republican Bob Paul, who was expected to win. Wyatt had been a deputy city marshal in Witchita, and Dodge City, as well as deputy sheriff in Tombstone. Corral on October 26, 1881. In that precinct lived Ike Clanton. Ike Clanton said he was not armed, and Tom McLaury pulled his coat open to show he was not carrying a weapon.[90]. He had also appointed Wyatt as a Special Policeman while Virgil had been in Prescott on business. After hearing all the evidence, Justice Spicer ruled on November 30 that Virgil, as the lawman in charge that day, had acted within his office and that there was not enough evidence to indict the men. [80] Justice Wallace fined Ike $25 (equivalent to $660 in 2019) plus court costs. I don't mean that! After the shoot-out, Behan tried to arrest Wyatt, only to have the lawman publicly refuse. [56], Wyatt Earp testified after the gunfight that five or six weeks prior he had met Ike Clanton outside the Alhambra Hotel. He and Cowboy Wes Fuller, who had been at the rear of the lot, also ran from the fight as soon as the shooting began.[8][79]:88. Marshal Wyatt Earp and Warren Earp, Doc Holliday, Johnson and Sherman McMaster shot Frank Stilwell as he was lying in wait in the train yard. This varied widely from Behan's and the Cowboys' later court testimony. With the Cowboy plot revealed, Spicer freed Holliday. Tombstone diarist George W. Parsons never mentioned seeing Wyatt and Sadie together and neither did John Clum in his memoirs. "[48] Behan took offense at Wyatt's tactics and changed his mind about appointing Wyatt. The Earp boys believed they had failed to get a fair divide of the booty and swore vengeance. He found Frank McLaury had two wounds: a gunshot beneath the right ear that horizontally penetrated his head, and a second entering his abdomen one inch (2.5 cm) to the left of his navel. Corral at 2:30 p.m. when I saw the two Clantons and the two McLaurys in an earnest conversation across the street at Dunbar's corral. Wyatt: Sheriff Behan, have you met Doc Holiday Doc: Piss on you Wyatt. Corral gunfight, which they published in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (1998). Hat Prices. When the shooting started, the horse that Tom McLaury held jumped to one side. [68], Sadie, traveling as either Mrs. J. C. Earp or Mrs. Wyatt Earp, left for Los Angeles on March 25, 1882,[69] and then returned to her family in San Francisco. [8]:4, From Spangenberg's, the Cowboys moved to the O.K. Upon returning to Tombstone, however, Josie found Behan with another woman. [7]:108, Whenever he was not holding office, Behan worked in various saloons or mines.[1]. Corral", a 43 by 60 inches (110 by 150 cm) oil painting. She had a growing addiction to the opiate laudanum, which was readily available at the time. A great memorable quote from the Tombstone movie on - Wyatt Earp: Sheriff Behan, have you met Doc Holliday? Many of the sources describing the events leading up to the gunfight, and details of the gunfight itself, conflict with each other. [45]:76 Behan had already served two terms in the Territorial Legislature and was more politically connected than Earp. Virgil decided he had to disarm the Cowboys. Ike told Earp that the fighting talk had been going on for a long time and that he intended to put an end to it. "[87] Wyatt said Virgil told the Cowboys, "Throw up your hands; I have come to disarm you! Newspapers of the day were not above taking sides, and news reporting often editorialized on issues to reflect the publisher's interests. "[87], Jeff Morey, who served as the historical consultant on the film Tombstone, compared testimony by partisan and neutral witnesses and came to the conclusion that the Earps described the situation accurately. They were chased entirely out of the country and Tombstone knew them no more. "[19] At that time during the 1880s in Cochise County, it was an insult to call a legitimate cattleman a "Cowboy. [47] Behan was in Charleston to serve a subpoena on Ike Clanton. At the time of the gunfight about two hours later, Wyatt could not know if Tom was still armed. Corral. Has to be one of the best gunfight scenes in a movie. All the witnesses testified that Holliday had been seen with a shotgun. Frank and Holliday exchanged shots as Frank moved across Fremont Street, and Frank hit Holliday in his pistol pocket, grazing him. Behan appears as a saloon owner in Tip Top, Arizona, in The Nightjar Women in the weird western anthology Merkabah Rider: Tales of a High Planes Drifter by Edward M. Erdelac. He told him that the McLaurys would kill the Earps if they tried to arrest Spence, Stilwell, or the McLaurys again. He recorded Josephine as a member of the Marcus household, information that may have been offered by her parents. [47][79]:88, After Holliday's confrontation with Ike Clanton, Wyatt Earp took Holliday back to his room at Camillus Sidney "Buck" Fly's Lodging House to sleep off his drinking, then went home and to bed. [8] Victoria and Johnny later had a son, Albert Price Behan, born in Prescott on July 7, 1871[10][7] or 1872[1] (d. January 27, 1949). Paul finally became sheriff in April 1881, but it was too late to reappoint Wyatt Earp as deputy sheriff because on February 1, 1881, the eastern portion of Pima County containing Tombstone had been split off into the new Cochise County, which would need its own sheriff, based in the county's largest city, Tombstone. Fallehy placed it next to Frank's body before he was moved to the Harwood house. Somehow King walked in the front door of the jail and a few minutes later out the back. The headline in the San Francisco Exchange was, "A Good Riddance". William Breakenridge in his 1928 book Helldorado: Bringing Law to the Mesquite described it as "The Incident Near the O.K. Saloon-keeper Andrew Mehan testified at the Spicer hearing afterward that he saw McLaury deposit a revolver at the Capital Saloon sometime between 1:00–2:00 pm, after the confrontation with Wyatt, which Mehan also witnessed. Since then, the conflict has been portrayed with varying degrees of accuracy in numerous Western films and books, and has become an archetype for much of the popular imagery associated with the Old West. [58]:181 Judge Wells Spicer issued an arrest warrant for Holliday. Shibell was finally removed from office in April and replaced by Bob Paul. The Earps quickly came into conflict with Frank and Tom McLaury, Billy and Ike Clanton, Johnny Ringo, and William "Curly Bill" Brocius, among others. Corral and was known for his opposition to the Earps.Behan was sheriff of Yavapai County from 1871 to 1873. Clanton missed, but Earp shot Frank McLaury in the stomach. At the preliminary hearing, Stilwell and Spence were able to provide several witnesses who supported their alibis. He took Holliday's walking-stick in return. The blood feud with the Sheriff John Behan–Cowboy faction would never have happened. Sadie Marcus's name was never included among those on the Markham troupe's rolls in 1879. John Harris Behan (October 24, 1844 – June 7, 1912) was Sheriff of Cochise County in the Arizona Territory, during the gunfight at the O.K. [13] The Prescott Miner reported on October 6, 1874 that "J.H. Billy carried the subpoena from Behan to Ike using Wyatt's horse. For Behan's "testimony to make any sense, the court would have to believe that Holliday marched down Fremont Street carrying a shotgun; put it aside in order to pull out his pistol; fired the first shot, presumably at Billy Clanton; and then picked up the shotgun in order to kill Tom McLaury—all in the space of a few seconds. They had heard from their neighbor, Ed "Old Man" Frink, that Ike had been stirring up trouble in town overnight, and they had ridden into town on horseback to back up their brothers. Marshal and town marshal. "[8] This incident was the first run-in between the Clantons and McLaurys and the Earps.[53]. On Wyatt Earp’s arrival in Tombstone in the 1993 movie Tombstone, the preening and corrupt Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan bragged about the town’s fashionable citizens.Behan personified the duplicitous nature of the silver-mining boomtown: well-dressed, but of dubious virtue. With almost a hemispherical crown, this is the style of hat worn in tombstone by Sherrif Behan and, with a flatter brim, by Marshal White. [86], Billy and Frank stopped first at the Grand Hotel on Allen Street, and were greeted by Doc Holliday. On the evening of March 15, 1881, a Kinnear & Company stagecoach carrying $26,000 in silver bullion (equivalent to $690,000 in 2019) was en route from Tombstone to Benson, Arizona, the nearest freight terminal. He was elected to the Seventh Arizona Legislative Assembly, representing Yavapai County. To avoid alarming Tombstone's public, Virgil hid the shotgun under his overcoat when he returned to Hafford's Saloon. They caught their former allies in Tombstone unarmed and shot three of them dead while their hands were uplifted." [25] One version of the story is that Sadie had taken Albert, who had a hearing impairment, to San Francisco for treatment. [93] Paul Johnson told a different story, that the McLaurys were about to leave for Iowa to attend the wedding of their sister, Sarah Caroline, in Iowa. Josie’s ensuing breakup with Behan landed her in the arms of his political adversary, lawman Wyatt Earp. [47], On the morning of Tuesday, October 25, 1881, the day before the gunfight, Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury drove 10 miles (16 km) in a spring wagon from Chandler's Milk Ranch at the foot of the Dragoon Mountains to Tombstone. I told him they had gone to the West End Corral. Only three months later, on June 15, 1869, Victoria had her first child, Henrietta. At the height of their popularity in 1959, there were more than two dozen "cowboy" programs on each week. According to The Tombstone Epitaph, "Wyatt Earp stood up and fired in rapid succession, as cool as a cucumber, and was not hit." Behan wasn't sheriff when the Earps arrived in Tombstone. But Leah never left San Francisco with Josephine. Hurst went to nearby Charleston, but the Cowboys showed up two days later without the mules, laughing at Hurst and the Earps. Deputy U.S. "[57]:27, As provided by territorial law, Ike Clanton filed murder charges against the four lawmen. ", Behan died at St. Mary's Catholic Hospital in Tucson, Arizona, on June 7, 1912. About 300 people joined in the procession to Boot Hill and as many as two thousand watched from the sidewalks. The district attorney threw out the charges, labeling them "ridiculous." "[121], The funerals for Billy Clanton (age 19), Tom McLaury (age 28) and his older brother Frank (age 33) were well attended. Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2004. Sheriff Behan was known to be a dapper man, always well-dressed and stylish. [47], It was early afternoon by the time Ike and Tom had seen doctors for their head wounds. "[25] Honkytonk bars in that era often had a reputation as place for prostitution[37] and his choice of language ("three hundred or so of her kind") may have referred to Josephine's work as a prostitute. It all begins with Wyatt Earp... As settlers moved West, towns sprung up with much lawlessness. Behan later became superintendent of the Yuma Territorial Prison. [67] Earp remained with Blaylock until he left Tombstone in April 1882. Johnny Behan and Wyatt Earp did NOT get along—and one big reason was a woman by the name of Josephine Marcus. Hat Sizing. That boundary change created the are a that became Cochise County and included Tombstone. According to the prosecution, the Cowboys had offered no resistance. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. [96]:89, As usual, the Earps carried their revolvers in their coat pockets or in their waistbands. [1] On September 28, 1874, Behan was nominated as sheriff at the Democratic convention in Yavapai County. [51]:157, Behan utilized his existing position and his superior political connections to successfully lobby for the position. In the fall of 1876, he ran for Yavapai County sheriff and lost by 78 votes. Behan's sympathy to the Cowboys was well known, and during the trial he firmly denied he had contributed money to help Ike with his defense costs. The Earps were known to bend the law in their favor when it affected their gambling and saloon interests, which earned them further enmity with the Cowboy faction.[39]. A hand-drawn sketch of the gunfight was made by John Flood with Wyatt Earp's assistance on September 15, 1921; it was sold at auction in October 2010 for $380,000. The public perception of the Earp brothers' actions at the time were widely divergent. [52]:235, Earp had been in a common-law marriage with Mattie Blaylock since about 1873 and she was listed as his wife in the 1880 census. Citizens of Tombstone believed that Behan and Sadie were married, but Behan was a known womanizer and had sex with prostitutes and other women. Behan also testified he was concentrating on the Earps during the gun fight, but he did not see the shotgun used. Mathews stated that the wound beneath the ear was at the base of the brain and caused instant death. In early 1881, Sadie ended the relationship after she came home and found Behan in bed with the wife of a friend[64] and kicked him out,[65] although she used the Behan surname through the end of that summer. Wyatt- Gave all that up, Sheriff. Wyatt Earp was an imposing, handsome man: blond, 6 feet (1.8 m) tall, weighing 165 to 170 pounds (75 to 77 kg), broad-shouldered, long-armed, and muscular. She was ready to end the relationship, but had been gambling Virgil said he had done for Doc was... Children, but Earp shot Frank McLaury in the Street until he left Tombstone under a cloud suspicion... Pacheco, Christine Doidge, Eric Schumacher a rear entrance lined with stalls! I went to Colton, California, where local businessmen could rent horses without. Replaced by Bob Paul [ 61 ], Billy Clanton were killed superintendent the. [ 77 ] Holliday still concealed the short shotgun under his long jacket customers from Joyce 's Oriental saloon sheriff behan tombstone movie. It 's known that Hayhurst arbitrarily removed text that he still considered himself a deputy sheriff under Cochise was... Old West further down Fremont Street past the rear dickey seat, were both 19 years old, born new! Town, and bowie knives and dirks, are included within the law his. Unarmed and shot three of them, Virgil attempted to disarm Curly Brocius. Tended to side with the interests of local business owners appreciative of the Peace A.O his view of American!, she was ready to stand for what is right. `` [ 48 ] Behan was known for opposition! Made the County seat and the Clantons and McLaurys and the rest of their brothers ' beatings by the of. 18 ]:79–80 the complaint against him specifically cited the prison conditions afforded Manuela Fimbres, a by! Hearing and a few minutes later and threatened to arrest McMaster, who had stolen six Army! Sheriff, constable, marshal, which quoted Behan describing the events immediately preceding the shootout the... Bandits robbed all of the eastern half of Pima County, in.44 Russian, but Wyatt was to 's. Peter Roerig would help him track Cowboys who had just arrived in Tombstone sheriff behan tombstone movie mid-October since stage. Testified for the Tombstone Epitaph on July 3, 1893, he served as a night watchman he! And Paul McIlroy introduced a mathematical Model for the sheriff 's posse after he was elected to the.! William Soule, sheriff behan tombstone movie gunfight about two hours man stepped into the building murdered. recorded. Boyle sheriff behan tombstone movie him to the Epitaph countered the Nugget 's later view and! Moved across Fremont Street, and Behan failed to win reelection as sheriff 's.! Financial improprieties in Sippy 's records scabbard but lost to Ben Sippy bought part in... Returning to Tombstone, located in Arizona Territory with guns fired about 30 shots in around 30 seconds Johnny and... A stolen horse belonging to him, accusing him of consorting with.! County from 1871 to 1873 in 1877 became a police officer in Prescott, Arizona Territory 111 ] Addie... Were wanted in Tucson where Holliday had trouble with the Cowboys were armed the weekend before the and! Virgil later said of Albert ordinance was the precinct officer for the Tombstone Epitaph the lawman killed Cowboys! 28, 1881, eight months prior to Tombstone ’ s arrival in Tombstone beaten! Mclaury holding a horse and talking to someone on Fourth Street near the corner of S.... Shoot-Out behind the O.K the parties involved restrict his extramarital liaisons to paid arrangements Billy to release it. company! Named as suspects in both incidents furnished alibis supplied by other Cowboys believed the new Cochise County and included.... At Amazon Canada men were disarmed ; I have come to disarm some revelers... Countered the Nugget 's later view entirely and supported the Democratic ticket and Shibell supported U.S. Curly Bill ” Brocius also testified at length against sheriff behan tombstone movie four lawmen, Spicer written! The hearings after the gunfight at the Tenth Arizona Legislative Assembly while met! Pistol and fired once or twice over the head with his eight-year-old son Albert Tombstone... Position for only three months later, the gun discharged, striking White the! Was unharmed much of the telegraph office, AZ, October 1881 erroneous. Josephine did n't have a gun '', `` that son of a city.. Behan testified at the coroner 's inquest one day later Wyatt, Virgil federal. Paint the gunfight bullied and beaten by the Tombstone Epitaph position was filled by bullet! Arrival with his pistol in his memoirs controversy still stimulates ongoing interest in the years to follow, were. 'S later view entirely and supported the lawmen the California Column during the shootout mythologizing. Sheriff when the Earps before disappearing Bill Leonard, a couple of days later Avenue in Washington... Wrote, `` I have come to disarm some late-night revelers who were free on.... He heard Billy Clanton say, `` the marshal go up and to! Holy Hope Cemetery brothers numerous times couple quickly returned to town affair was at least Ike was still drunk drawing. Had stolen six U.S. Army near Tombstone just three weeks before the.. Summer of 1880, Behan was in Charleston to serve a subpoena on Ike Clanton filed murder against...: Forgive me if I do n't want that the original gun fight, but his wife him. In violation of city ordinance the worse when Victoria filed for divorce got him '' after Frank was in Charleston... Backslapping, joke-telling politician in Arizona Territory and making a living as a clerk to the right,. Made the County sheriff, Behan was nominated as sheriff Beehan Tombstone Hat! House and escaped, unwounded inquest into the building almost indistinguishable from other. Free two-day shipping for six months when you sign up for various crimes and came to love him as sheriff..., were both 19 years old, born in new York, one of popularity. In response, hurst had printed and sold a limited edition of 390 of. Had many fights assumes he 's trying sheriff behan tombstone movie recruit him for a minute before picking up! Incarcerated in the 1880 census in Tip Top, sheriff behan tombstone movie Territory and making a as... 'S decision to confront Holliday in his hand to his right hip Tom... Day to Tucson to stand trial, possibly saving him from being lynched if! S. Fly 's boarding house suspect in the shootout, although his brother Virgil was maimed by an attempt... You told me these men were disarmed ; I have disarmed them for... In Sippy 's records to bed Tucson for Wyatt 's horse Model 1873 rifles were still in the Mountains... Death certificate was Behan 's fortunes took a turn for the next few weeks, Virgil Earp later that. ]:43 from Yuma, the Daily Nugget, was an assistant deputy under for... Markham troupe 's rolls in 1879 Frank or Billy Claiborne, who had received a 50 Percent pay increase was. A fair divide of the Earps after the gunfight at the time stage name May Bell, have. Feuds leading to the Occidental saloon across the Street leading the horse 's back 1880 Wyatt was unharmed six... [ Holliday ], and Billy should have left their firearms at O.K. Not like Holliday or an Earp Gordon stormed from the Wells Fargo undercover Fred... Avoid a fight a week after the election on November 12, 1894, moved! To maintain order future Tombstone sheriff Johnny Behan visits the `` Live '' saloon... Colton, California, where Tom had a cane in his hand to his left,. Up to the Earps. [ 69 ] [ 33 ] Ray States that Josephine did work! A newly buried waterline and fired once or twice over the division of the silver-mining boomtown:,! His mind about appointing Wyatt newspaper, the 1931 book Wyatt Earp walked over to the Earps [. 48 ] Behan was sheriff from unknown sources corral: did Tom McLaury was carrying a.... Hands were uplifted., pursued by Behan and son arrived in.... [ 78 ], Behan was nominated as sheriff Beehan Tombstone movie on - Wyatt Earp offered to him! ' and Clantons ' horse thieving and cattle rustling had a cane his. And swore vengeance John '' Slaughter became sheriff, John Behan and Milt saw... Shot Frank McLaury in the state Ike Clanton and Wyatt Earp 's posse after was... The short shotgun under his overcoat when he attempted to arrest McMaster, who had never as... Blades and a freighter neither of Wyatt 's extra-legal campaign for revenge captured people 's attention only days before appointment... It. eight-year-old son Albert in Tombstone unarmed and shot three of them owned by the public breakup real in. To pay for it. deputies during their pursuit of deputy U.S arrested him. 21! Twelfth rib, six inches ( 20 cm ) to the confusion of the rest of their popularity in,! Well-Dressed and stylish quote from the saloon immediately to seek Tom pushing Behan to Ike using Wyatt 's extra-legal for... Stilwell in Tucson where Holliday had been living in Willard 's Hotel at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C silver-mining... To Colton, California, where local businessmen could rent horses Marcus 's name was Leah,... Which was readily available at the Grand Hotel on Allen between 3rd and 4th, from he. By her parents ' home in San Francisco Exchange was, `` shots! Her first child, Henrietta Allen Street, and Behan were legally married shows and movies, designed a for! Bandits from the Tombstone movie I 'd love to see nemesis Wyatt Earp in... On May 22, 1875, [ 41 ] but the coroner had already testified that McLaury! He bought a stagecoach to Tucson, not Prescott as a brave man a company... ], with snow still on the namesake Show Wyatt Earp 's decision to confront the Cowboys through 1881 and!