Note that if you run this script, you will disable many things including local sharing, AirPlay, iCloud and almost everything that phone back to Apple servers except the App Store and Software Update. Insanelymac? Rich Trouton Rich Trouton. I tend to think that some daemons/services are inter-dependent... /System/Library/LaunchAgents Sign out of iCloud. I just found out that SIP in my system (Catalina 10.15.2) is disabled. I have just been reading about BigSur privacy concerns. I cannot test it. This comment has been minimized. I can see my main drive being partitioned into 5 … This page describes macOS 10.15 (Catalina) specific information. Turning off agents and daemons has freed up RAM and has further improved speed and responsiveness. thanks for the infomation, i'll try that one too as i don't use iCloud and i find it really boring to have useless notification for this :/, thanks for this, from 14gb used ram to 5 after applying it ! I am SO sick of this privacy invasion, even from the 'bastions of privacy' that apple claims to be. If you decide you want to enable SIP later, return to the recovery environment and run the following command: csrutil enable. For me almost everything is working, just found one issue - somehow Music App use entire CPU when i disable all services. Even with claimed USB bottleneck, it is much faster than the internal HD on this Mac Mini. Thanks @mtunjic . Type reboot to restart the computer. 1 year ago. @sarassine The account was banned, this is not the place to discuss it. If that all checks out just fine then you can reindex a specific folder by following Apple's instructions, or for the nuclear option use the -E option on mdutil to erase and rebuild the index, but it might take a long time. Thank you kindly. and in terminal I have this No need for screen sharing, other sharing or sync services with devices so those were turned off too. Let’s see how to do that. Thank you , A good wiki post with description of some major "offending" services and such. disabling SIP in recovery through terminal worked. csrutil enable --without nvram I also have a post available with more information about SIP: System Integrity Protection – Adding another layer to Apple’s security model. Am I right in suspecting that El Cap is less privacy invasive/intrusive than Catalina? While playing around with these I believe (which you DO NOT disable or mention) might enable and disable general system logging. The email is case sensitive. @kainanakidd are you sure the mds service is running? Nov 14, … Please carefully copy and paste your license information directly from the license email. I ran the whole script on Big Sur and don't see issues so far, except an error notification when I open "Security & Privacy" in settings, because the Apple adservice cannot be loaded. 1. are missing man files. etc. Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP). Don't worry, I am doing this on a test machine (spare Macbook). (man mds for slightly more context). Follow edited Jul 17 '20 at 12:31. answered Jul 17 '20 at 12:24. '' \. I'd love to have such a thread, maybe there is already one somewhere, macrumors? save Is anyone else's battery notification gone? Figure out where your copy of the disable script is. For example I added so I could ctrl-zoom again, and removed amsaccountsd which I didn't need. Initial RAM with 10.10 as a test bed, use 850 Mb; after a minute idle, 840 Mb RAM. Note that this effectively disables this additional security mechanism (authenticated boot volumes by signing), which truth be told for most users is valuable, but pro users should have the option of disabling if they choose to. I'm having the same problem and I can't find a solution online. Disable SIP from Recovery mode. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar. I have always used LittleSnitch for this in the past but it's not easy researching every damn process/connection. Simak cara menonaktifkan file system protection di MacOS High Sierra, Mojave ataupun Catalina terbaru. You must boot into the Recovery OS. Share. Click the menu on your Mac and select Restart. 1. @pwnsdx Just curious if you're going to make a "disable bunch of sh*t in Big Sir" post. And I can boot imac in rcovery mode. Turns out that the Photos app is dependent on: /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ This will create a growing knowledge base, making it easier for people to self determine what they want. Well, I imm very new to all of this and I stumbled across it while searching for a way to stop my Mac from using up so much RAM. Yo @pwnsdx you have a comma on line 145 that shouldn't be there: Make sure you’ve activated some alternative protection layer for your Mac. Startup from chime to desktop is 25 seconds. once done,,,,,,,,,,,,, Calendar app won't sync with Google servers.